Help with getting a great night's sleep

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When I went to Colour Supplies I bought

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Are Himalayan Salt Lamps good for you?

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Outdoor Entertaining

Throwing a party this summer? Read on to find lots of useful items to help your event be just perfect, and a few hints and tips.

I went to Colour Supplies and I bought

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A Tale of Two Kitchens

Here's your chance to take a peek at two of the recent fitted kitchens we have designed for Colour Supplies' customers. Both unique and gorgeous, we hope you'll enjoy seeing them as much as we have enjoyed helping to create them.

Paper, Panels and Pictures - 3 Ways With Wallpaper

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Small Actions together make Big Impacts

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Working from Home

If you are spending more time working from home than in an office, or your kids are growing up and need a better environment for doing homework, look no further than Colour Supplies and Crown built-in home office furniture solutions.