Be a compost connoisseur

Confused by compost? Not sure which one to use for planting or re-potting your plants? This handy guide will give you a quick easy-to-understand guide on all you need to know about some of the main types of commercially available compost in a bag.

5 Reasons to Feed Your Garden Birds All Year Round

Why should we feed wild birds all year - surely they can fend for themselves? Here are 5 reasons why feeding your garden birds can be beneficial for all of us...

I'm dreaming of a..... colourful garden next year

It's the middle of winter and you are probably looking out on a soggy garden with little colour in it. Have next year's seed catalogues started dropping through your letterbox? If not, let's look at some easy-to-grow flower seeds available at Colour Supplies for great colour in your garden next year.

6 Steps to a Great Garden this Summer

With April here, the days warming up, and British Summer Time started, many of us have just one thing on our minds - our garden! Here are some great things you can do to make your garden beautiful this summer no matter how big or small it is.

Grow 3x more with Big Tom!

Even if the only outdoor space you have is a driveway, or a small patio, beat supermarket prices and grow your own tomatoes this summer. Here are some tips for growing and producing the tastiest and juiciest, as there's nothing more satisfying than picking and eating a home-grown tomato.

Cleaning your paths and patio

At this time of year we are often looking out in dismay at the state of our garden after the wet winter months. To be able to look forward to summer let's look at options for cleaning your decking, driveway, paths and patio.

Things to do in the garden in Autumn

We have some useful tips for getting your garden autumn/winter ready, whether you are new to gardening or have been gardening for years. Read on for our autumn jobs to do in the garden...

Change your house with Sandtex Masonry Paint

Painting the exterior of your house can have a radical effect on how your home looks as well as the potential to protect it from the effects of the environment. Take some time to ensure you are making the right choices in our useful blog...

Paint your outside metalwork, quickly and easily

Do you have metal railings, a metal gate, a metal garage door, a child's metal swing, a metal pergola or metal patio furniture? If so, is it looking a little tired and needing some TLC? Read on for how to refresh it easily with some great metal paint products...

Choosing the Right Lawnmower for You

Just purchased your first house, or moved into a house with your first ever lawn? Confused by the number of different types of mowers available? Let us help with this quick guide to mower types and choosing the best mower for your garden.