Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

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Kilner is a kitchen favourite amongst cooks for preserving, food preparation and storage. The original Kilner® Jar, invented by John Kilner and Co. in England is as much loved and successful now as it was over 180 years ago. Made using high quality materials, all authentic Kilner products include the iconic Kilner® brand logo so as not to be mistaken for potentially lower quality alternatives.

Each Kilner jar is reusable over and over again. Made from high quality sodalime glass material with pristine clarity and consistent wall thickness thus ensuring no weak points they feature a high grade stainless steel clip system, engineered to create the perfect tension providing an airtight and secure seal every time, keeping your contents fresher for longer. Each jar also comes with a durable rubber seal, which can be replaced, if required, in the future.

Suitable for the dishwasher, glass is the best option for storing / preserving and transporting food and drink. It is made from natural ingredients so no harmful chemicals or toxins can leak into the food as you may find with plastic storage. Glass is BPA free and does not absorb odours, flavours or stains. Not only is glass a healthier option, it is made to last. Kilner® is also committed to tackling plastic waste with an ethos of REUSE, REFILL, RECYCLE.

Here is our pick of ideas, that you'll find widely available online, for using Kilner Jars and Bottles which are available in Colour Supplies stores.

Wild Sloe Gin 

Sloe hedges can be found in all sorts of places around the UK, and if you manage to get in before the birds and other (human) foragers you can pick enough to make a few bottles of Sloe Gin - great for yourself or as handmade Christmas gifts.

Sloe Gin is surprisingly easy to make and basically consists of steeping your sloes in a mix of shop-bought basic gin and sugar for a few months. You'll find many recipes online, but our Top Tip is don't wait to pick after the first frosts as recommended, but just pop your picked and pricked berries overnight in the freezer to simulate a frost, thereby being ahead of the crowd.

After making your beautiful festive coloured Sloe Gin, (have a taste test after about 6 weeks, but don't get too carried away!) strain and store it in a Kilner Clip Top Bottle and it is sure to be a hit either served to guests in your home or received as a present.

Herb Infused Cooking Oils

A lovely, quick and easy, but oh so thoughtful gift for a culinary friend or family member.
Infusing fresh herbs in olive oil couldn't be simpler, and even children could have a go helping with this gift idea.
Ensure if picking fresh herbs from your garden that they are clean and perfectly dry. You could use chillies or garlic too.
Add to a pan and pour in olive oil, heating gently for around an hour. Once cool, strain and decant into a Clip Top Kilner Bottle. Add some appropriate dried ingredients for extra decoration if desired, eg. dried chilli flakes.

Check online for details of specific recipes and be aware of the risk of not drying your ingredients enough as you can allow botulism to develop. It is recommended to heat oils, especially with chillies and garlic as they can harbour botulism spores, to around 140ºC/285ºF before pouring into your Kilner jar/bottle.

Colourful Pickled Vegetables

Whether you grow your own, or just buy from a local market or the supermarket, you can make something very special out of some simple vegetables to enjoy through the winter months.
You'll also need to pick up some cider vinegar or white wine vinegar depending on your preference, at your local store.
Prepare your veg, making sure it is as fresh as possible.
  • Thinly slice: cucumbers, summer squash, ginger, red onion
  • Cut into spears: carrots, cucumbers
  • Peel: carrots
  • Blanch: green beans (optional, but helps preserve their color)
  • Grate: carrot, cabbage
Add veg to a Kilner Faceted Jar plus the vinegar and water in equal parts (or more vinegar if you like a stronger pickle). Add extra flavourings as desired, seal and store in the fridge.
  • Fresh herbs: dill, thyme, oregano, and rosemary add great flavour
  • Dried herbs: thyme, dill, rosemary, oregano, or majoram
  • Garlic cloves: smashed for mild garlic flavor, or sliced for stronger garlic flavor
  • Whole spices: mustard seed, coriander, peppercorns, red pepper flakes
  • Ground spices: turmeric or smoked paprika are great for both color and flavor
There are many versions of pickling, so take a look online and choose your favourite. Have fun!

Spiced or Boozy Fruits

With just a few simple ingredients you can enjoy these fruity sweet treats at any time. Enjoy with ice-cream, or just as they are, or add to your morning compote.

Again, you'll find recipes online for using different fruits, but this one using peeled clementines or mandarin oranges is especially good in the lead up to Christmas.

You'll want to make a syrup with water and sugar, add brandy or rum if desired, and other flavourings like clove, ginger and even bay leaves.
Drop your peeled fruits into your clean Kilner Clip Top Round Jar and add the syrup. Close and leave to cool. Store for at least a couple of weeks to mature.
This would be just as good using fresh cherries, pears or fruit from your own trees too. Hard fruits need to be poached first.


Cake Mix in a Jar

Ok, so we've cheated with this one and slipped in an idea that is not based on fresh produce but it is such a great idea we couldn't resist!

The internet abounds with recipes for creating a cake mix in a jar....
Get your creative hat on and take a look and then perhaps add your own twist, or simply go mad on decorating your finished jars to make a perfect special gift for someone you love this Christmas. 

Simply use a Clip Top Round, or Square, Jar from Kilner and decorate appropriately.
Who wouldn't be happy to receive such a thoughtful and delicious gift?
And after the baking and eating, there is a super storage jar available to re-gift or use for storing other items in the home.
You can also use this idea to create a hot chocolate and marshmallow jar - so much cheaper than buying these in the shops.

Each of our Home & Garden stores in Oswestry and Whitchurch in Shropshire, and Wrexham in Wales, have a range of Kilner jars and bottles all year round. From making chutney and jam, to pickling and bottling, there will be a size and shape of Kilner jar or bottle to suit. We also stock a selection of other preserving equipment and sundries. Just call into one of our stores and enjoy a look around.

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