6 tools, and tips, for creating your own Celebration Cakes

Ever thought you'd like to create a celebration cake for a special occasion? It may be easier than you think, and having the right tools does help. Here are just 6 simple tools that could take your cake from being a mess to being magnificent!

Sustainability, functionality, performance and the weather go hand in hand with a Doppler Nature umbrella

Using renewable raw materials and recycled materials, Doppler actively contribute to making this great umbrella range as sustainable as possible. Read on to find out more about the Doppler Nature range...

All you need to know about Pancake Day

Do you know why we have Pancake Day? Do you know how to make Pancakes? Do you know what to eat with your Pancakes? Here are some great ideas and lots of pictures to inspire you...

We've got the Hearts for you

It might be a long way to Tipperary, but it's not far to Jessica Violet's in Whitchurch, Shropshire, to see our brand new jewellery selection. Take a look at these gorgeous pieces of Tipperary jewellery...

Christmas 2023

Start the countdown to Christmas with our advent selection of 24 items we have in our Christmas Shop this year...

October's Pantry cupboard

Now that summer is over, and the GBBO has started, our thoughts are turning to baking comfort food and making the best of the fresh produce we've harvested, or picked from hedgerows. Here is our top selection of products from our store to help you...

I've been to Colour Supplies and I bought

12 things you may not know you could buy at Colour Supplies. Play along with another game of Top Treasures for more things you may be surprised to learn you can get from us...

Heading off to University to study?

If you are off to study away from home for the first time, you will want to be as prepared as possible for the adventure that awaits you. Luckily, Colour Supplies has lots of the everyday things you are going to need to make your new 'home-from-home'.

8 jobs to do indoors before Autumn

Prepare for the coming colder months, and catch-up on some of those indoor jobs you've let slide over the summer, with this helpful reminder of some jobs to do around the home before autumn.

Hot tub maintenance explained

More and more families are now the happy owners of a hot tub in their gardens; Ideal for relaxing in the evening, or sharing time with friends, they do need to be maintained in order to stay sanitary. Here is our quick guide for keeping your spa tub safe for a pleasant bathing experience.