Adding Their Heart to the Home

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but what do you do when it doesn't feel like your heart? You call in Colour Supplies to help make it feel like your own. Read on for this customer's kitchen transformation journey...

Client wants a modern kitchen

These clients wanted a modern feel to their kitchen, but with a traditional vibe.

Less work and loads of colour

We've just found out about the latest upgrade to Little Greene's Intelligent Paints - Intelligent Grip. These paints come in four finishes and offer a wealth of colour options, and now your painting job just got way easier. Read on to find out more.

Everyone puts this Patio Furniture in a Corner

We want you to put our Patio furniture in a corner - and it will be loved and it will shine because it's where it is meant to be! If you're not a teenager of the '80's you might not get the reference, but you can have the time of your life on this season's amazing corner patio sets...

6 tools, and tips, for creating your own Celebration Cakes

Ever thought you'd like to create a celebration cake for a special occasion? It may be easier than you think, and having the right tools does help. Here are just 6 simple tools that could take your cake from being a mess to being magnificent!

Be a compost connoisseur

Confused by compost? Not sure which one to use for planting or re-potting your plants? This handy guide will give you a quick easy-to-understand guide on all you need to know about some of the main types of commercially available compost in a bag.

Hard-wearing Little Greene paint for busy households

Up to 15 times tougher than ordinary household paints, the Intelligent water-based paints from Little Greene are suitable for every area in your home, and are child and pet safe too.

Sustainability, functionality, performance and the weather go hand in hand with a Doppler Nature umbrella

Using renewable raw materials and recycled materials, Doppler actively contribute to making this great umbrella range as sustainable as possible. Read on to find out more about the Doppler Nature range...

6 Tips from our Experts on Checking your Bra Fits Properly

Is your current bra uncomfortable? Is your shape not as shapely as it could be? Our bra fitting experts at the Jessica Violet boutique have chosen these top 6 things you can check yourself...

Armstead Trade Paint - It's good for business

Armstead Trade is the professional paint brand from the same makers as Dulux. It is cost-effective and the Vinyl Matt, Durable Matt and Floor paints can be tinted in store to over 3,000 colour shades. Read on to find out more...