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Looking for wallpaper in Whitchurch, Wrexham or Oswestry? There are wallpaper departments in all three Colour Supplies Home and Garden stores, stocking specially selected papers from Fine Decor, Graham & Brown, AS Creations, Grandeco Life, Rasch, Crown, Anaglypta, design id and more. From bold floral wallpaper, to geometric patterns in stunning metallics. With wallpaper choices for the children or teenagers, to ditzy prints, we are sure there will be something to suit all tastes and at a great price.

We also stock everything you need for your wallpapering project from brands such as Bartoline, Solvite, EverBuild and Polycell including Lining paper, and Adhesives. 

Click through to our partner website where you can now buy Little Greene paint and wallpaper online directly through Colour Supplies:

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Be Inspired

This metallic Geometric patterned wallpaper in White with Silver comes from Fine Decor; Apex Trellis FD41995

Subtle pink and red tones of this Bird of Paradise sit with Grey foliage; Rasch 529005 wallpaper

Go bold with this Graffiti wallpaper print from Rasch; Urban Graffiti 237801

Duck Egg Blue and Grey Palm Fronds adorn this wallpaper from Grandeco Life; Myriad MY2002

Try a Feature Brick Wall without the dust! Grandeco Life; Arthouse wallpaper A28901

This pretty Green and Pink Floral wallpaper is from AS Creations; 372264

Not just for little girls - this Pink with Gold Stars glamorous wallpaper from Crown; M1492

Subtle Shades that are bang-on Trend; Crown Starlight Home Gold wallpaper M1489

Anaglypta updated for 2020. This wallpaper in Textured Metallic; RD465

Layered Blues, Greys and White on this artistic wallpaper print to brighten up a corner. Grandeco Life; PP3601

You can never have too many shoes in your life - can you? Grandeco Life Shoe wallpaper; EP2001

Sophisticated shades of Grey and Metallic in a Geometric wallpaper print from Fine Decor; Milano M95601

One for the Men? Tartan design wallpaper in on-trend Grey tones. Graham & Brown; Superfresco 106572

Another wallpaper in a subtle colourway but stunning feather print, this time from Grandeco Life: Staccato Feathers in Yellow OS3106

Soft tones of Pink florals with a subtle Sheen. Graham & Brown; Sublime wallpaper 106372

Many more designs are available in-store. All wallpapers are subject to availability. Additional colourways may also be available on some lines.

Other ways with Wallpaper

Get creative with your left-over wallpaper. Here are a few projects to inspire you, but please send in pictures of your finished projects to us via Facebook and the best one's will make it onto this page! 

Wrap or glue panels of paper onto boards and hang on a contrasting painted wall.

Use a small leftover piece glued onto a  wooden tray to create a pretty liner. Apply Varnish over the top if you want this to be wipeable.

Measure and cut panels of paper then glue to fit inside a cupboard for an instant 'wow' factor when you open the doors.

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