Sustainability, functionality, performance and the weather go hand in hand with a Doppler Nature umbrella

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It is now undeniable that global warming is making our weather systems more unpredictable. But when you get caught out by a worse-than-expected storm, with a Doppler® Nature umbrella you know you haven't contributed to the issue.

This high quality sustainable range of brollies from Doppler feature robust materials such as carbon, steel, and aluminum. According to their website they 'create an inseparable synergy of functionality and sustainability.' Using renewable raw materials and recycled materials Doppler actively contribute to a sustainable product to enhance your lifestyle.

  • Recycled bottles are used for the fabric of the umbrella canopy and impregnation is PFC-free for waterproofing.
  • The umbrella handle is made of FSC®-certified/biodegradable wood.
  • With strong flexible carbon steel components, all models have been tested for wind resistance in a wind tunnel at 120 km/h.

Here at Colour Supplies in Oswestry, Whitchurch and Wrexham, and online, we are happy to help support you in living your chosen sustainable lifestyle.
Introducing this range of Doppler Nature umbrellas helps support SUSTAINABLE FOREST PROTECTION PROJECTS. Combating the climate crisis and protecting the habitat of many species does not stop at just the purchase of this recycled product. Doppler supports forest protection projects of the WWF with a donation and thus makes an active contribution to environmental protection and the preservation of natural forests.

Nature magic umbrella

Our first handbag option:
In addition to an FSC®-certified handle with doppler branding and a PFC-free canopy made of recycled PET* material, the Doppler Nature Magic also has an automatic open and close mechanism.

Also available online

Nature long umbrella

A traditional umbrella style:
The Doppler Nature Long AC umbrella offers an impressive PFC-free canopy made of recycled PET* material. Handle, wooden tips and top complete the natural look. The automatic opening mechanism offers maximum functionality. 

Available in store only.

Nature mini umbrella

Another fold-up umbrella:
The Doppler Nature Mini compact pocket umbrella with a manual opening mechanism offers an impressive FSC®-certified handle with doppler branding. The canopy is made of recycled PET* material and is impregnated PFC-free.

Also available online

In a great selection of colourways, and plain or patterned, you can buy Doppler Umbrellas now in Colour Supplies stores where you see the branded displays, or ask for them by name.

*Polyethylene terephthalate, is commonly shortened to PET and is a form of polyester.

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