Spring Cleaning made easy

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Whatever the household cleaning problem you have, we can virtually guarantee there is a cleaning product for it from HG. 

Whilst there are many specific HG cleaning products for around your home available, you will find that most have also been formulated not just for the job in hand, but to do several jobs for you. Many of these HG cleaning products come with comprehensive information sheets and safety information and HG are just a phone call away if you have a specific query and want their expert help.

To see how you can use HG cleaning products all around your home, and garden, read on for inspiration and links - you'll find 95 products available to purchase online but many more are available in our stores in Whitchurch, Wrexham and Oswestry. So, let's get Spring Cleaning!

Cleaning Carpet, Vinyl & Lino

From general protection and everyday cleaning of your floor coverings, to spot treatments for those little accidents, HG products can help keep your carpets and floors looking great. 

Try products such as

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner 
Carpet & Upholstery Spot & Stain Spray Cleaner
(Vinyl & Linoleum) Artificial Floor Clean & Shine Nourishing Gloss Cleaner 
(Vinyl & Linoleum) Artificial Floor Gloss Coating

See more products for Carpet, Vinyl, LVT and Linoleum here 

Cleaning your Bathroom

There are cleaning products for all around the bathroom and for the many different surfaces and issues that can be found in this, the ‘smallest’ room of the house - each one potentially having it's different issues and care requirements. 

When you think you have anything from glass you want to keep spotless, to ceramics or plastic you want scum-free, to areas that need keeping hygienic and fresh smelling. HG don’t do just an 'all-purpose' cleaner for a reason!

Try products such as

Whirlpool Bath Cleaner
Bath Shine
Scale Away Limescale Removing Spray
Shower Shield
Mould Spray

View all HG Bathroom Cleaning solutions here

Cleaning your Kitchen

As in your bathroom, in your kitchen you will also have a number of surface types and issues to be found, from grease and grime to limescale and possibly mould growth. HG products can make light work of cleaning and protecting them all.

Try products such as

Grease Away
Combi Microwave Cleaner
Freezer De-Icer
Hob Cleaner, including Ceramic hobs

For our complete online range of HG Kitchen cleaners see here

Tough Cleaning Jobs

From floor glue, crayons and ink pen to graffiti and stickers, there’s nothing worse than the annoying residue left behind by something that you no longer want around. 

Use the HG Remover products when something is generally just not welcome - like those adorable moments when your little one has drawn a special picture for you in crayon, but all over the living room wall (psst, you'll want the Graffiti Remover)

Take a look at our large range of HG remover products

Cleaning Leather

Got a beautiful old leather sofa that has seen better days? Get it deep clean, or protect new leather furniture with these products which will also help to keep your leather furniture looking it’s best for longer.

Try products such as

4 in 1 for Leather
Deep Clean for Leather

Cleaning Natural Stone

For inside or outside the home HG has products to look after your natural stone features - from your beautiful stone kitchen worktop to those Italian marble floor tiles.
There is even a product to freshen up a headstone that has started to look a little unloved.

Try products such as

Natural Stone Impregnating Protector 
Protective Coating Gloss Finish 
Natural Stone Stain Remover
Headstone Cleaning Spray

See more HG Natural Stone products 

Cleaning Tiles

Whether you have just completed a new bathroom or kitchen tiling project and you need to clean up afterwards, or you need to deep clean perhaps due to moving house, and for everyday cleaning solutions try HG products such as

Cement Grout Film Remover,
Protective Coating - Satin Gloss Polish,
Power Cleaner - polish, wax and dirt remover,
Ready to Use Grout Cleaner
and so much more.

See more HG Tile Cleaning products here 

Cleaning Terra Cotta

We have specialist cleaning products to keep your terra cotta floors looking as good as the day they were laid, or to help restore them if they have seen better days.

Try products such as

TERRA COTTA Clean & Shine 

See the full range of HG for Tiles and Terracotta here

Cleaning Parquet, Wood & Laminate Floors

Specialist cleaning for your wood and parquet floors, to make owning a wood floor a joy not a chore. You'll also find specialist laminate floor cleaners from HG too.

Try products such as

Parquet Gloss Cleaner 
Parquet Protection Gloss Coating
Laminate Spray Cleaner For Daily Use
Laminate Powerful Cleaner
Laminate Protective Coating with Gloss Finish

And there's more HG to see here

Interior cleaning

A bit of something for everyone in this selection. Whilst you may not be lucky enough to need Chandelier Cleaner in your home, you will almost certainly need to use Window Cleaner, and maybe Stove Glass Cleaner or a Plastic Cleaner for plastic, washable wallpaper and paintwork.

Try products such as

Screen Cleaner
Chandelier Spray Cleaner
Stove Glass Cleaner
Window Cleaner
Intensive Plastic Cleaner

Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Get your wooden furniture looking in tip top condition again with these great solutions. Also great for looking after banister rails.

Try products such as

Meubeline for Light Coloured Woods
Meubeline Furniture Restorer
Hardwood Colour Renovator

For more HG products see here

Cleaning your Garden

Spruce up the whole patio after a dark, wet winter. Clean green, slippery garden paths and clean and freshen up your patio furniture, whatever it is made from. Who knows, you may find it comes up as good as new - now that’ll save the cost of a new patio set! Get ready for summer with products to clean the barbecue too.

Try products such as

Patio Cleaner
Plastic Garden Furniture Restorer
Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner
Algae and Mould Remover

For the full range of outdoor cleaners from HG see here

Cleaning your Car, Boat & Caravan

Products for inside and outside your car, boat or caravan. For glass, plastic, paintwork and fabric, and everything to keep your beloved possession looking as new as the day it rolled off the production line.

Try products such as

Wheel Rim Cleaner
Upholstery Cleaner
Wax Shampoo

See more HG car products here

Remember you will find a larger selection of HG cleaning products at Colour Supplies in Whitchurch, Wrexham and Oswestry.
Not heard of HG before or still not sure what product you need? Find out more on their website: www.HG.eu and to get some helpful tips and tricks on cleaning see their Tips page

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