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The groundbreaking new formulation (their words) of Little Greene Intelligent Paint means you can prime and paint any surface from a single tin. This innovative paint now combines primer and top coat in each and every tin of Intelligent Paint, whichever finish you choose from.

Up to 15 times tougher than ordinary decorative paints - These Intelligent finishes can resist stains, take knocks and tolerate persistent scrubbing, with no compromise to their beautiful appearance. This means your decoration looks good for longer in both residential and commercial environments.


Intelligent Grip™ brings the technology of a primer into your topcoat, with no compromise to the finish. This means you don't need for a separate primer and therefore can do any decorating job in half the time. 

Transform a room with a single tin of paint, minimising fussy preparation, extra cost, packaging and half-used tins paint left over.

Monk’s seat: Obsidian Green in Intelligent Eggshell, Wall & upper Architrave: Split Pink in Intelligent Matt Emulsion, Tongue & Groove, lower architrave & radiator: Harley Green in Intelligent Matt Emulsion, Skirting and bottom of radiator: Livid in Intelligent Satin.

Environmentally-friendly and child-safe

Completely solvent-free and with the lowest possible VOC content, Little Greene Intelligent Paints are certified “Child Safe” for toys and children’s rooms.  Perfect, therefore, for all around your home. Most dirty stains and marks can be washed or scrubbed away with a damp cloth or a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water. 

All Intelligent Paints are water-based and low in odour, and brushes can be safely cleaned in running water.

Back wall, skirting and tongue and groove beneath bed: Canton & Intelligent Matt Emulsion, Side wall, skirting, bed & bottom shelf: Garden in Intelligent Eggshell, Rear of bed & top shelf: Mazarine in Intelligent Eggshell, Middle shelf: Carmine in Intelligent Eggshell Toy box: Canton in Intelligent Satin, Floor: Slaked Lime - Mid in Intelligent Floor Paint.


These paints can be creatively applied directly to almost any substrate, providing a cohesive look across all surfaces, whether it’s completely matt, low-sheen, mid-sheen or high gloss, or mix and match finishes in the same colour for a complete room makeover.

With paintable surfaces no longer restricted to specific finishes, and conventionally ‘non-paintable’ surfaces also fair game, these paints take a big step forward in the creative process of designing and decorating with colour.

Walls: Mochi in Intelligent Matt Emulsion, Shelf: Mochi in Intelligent Satin, Tiles: Mochi in Intelligent Satin, Lower units: Attic II in Intelligent Satin, Cupboard unit: Attic II in Intelligent Gloss.

A true decorators dream

This choice of environmentally-friendly paints, in a full range of sheen levels from completely flat to high gloss, is already revered by homeowners, designers and professional decorators for combining a beautiful finish with unrivalled durability, ease of application and peace of mind.

Thanks to the latest enhancement– these finishes can now be painted, direct from the tin, on almost any surface in the home, and will securely grip with no requirement for a separate primer.

Even more remarkably, as true multi-surface paints, each finish will confidently adhere directly to all the common domestic building substrates: wood and plaster, but also metal (including radiators), plastics, uPVC, melamine, Formica® and even tiles and glass.

Wall: Etruria in Intelligent Matt Emulsion. Splashback: Etruria in Intelligent Gloss, Vanity unit & french doors: Etruria in Intelligent Eggshell, Skirting: Etruria in Intelligent Satin, Floor: Bronze Red in Intelligent Floor Paint.

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Colour Supplies Home & Garden stores in Shropshire and Wales started as a family-run, paint and decorating store over 50 years ago, and are proud to be associated with Little Greene's products. 

If you want to experience for yourself the joy of this range of paints for your home, then Little Greene paint is available in store, mixed to order, at Wrexham and Oswestry, and can be ordered in our Whitchurch store. For more information read here.  

You can also buy it directly through our Little Greene partnership site here.

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