Heritage Paints from Dulux

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With 112 durable paint colours Dulux has created a stunning range of paints called Heritage paints. The Heritage collection, mixed to order and available to buy online here, encapsulates the history of the Dulux brand over 90 years. You'll find lots of inspiring colours which will create gorgeous colour schemes for all around your home. There are plenty of subtle options, but the range also has some amazing deep colours associated with paints used in grand houses and palaces.

Using only the finest quality pigments and blending clays to produce a washable paint that is luxurious in finish, durable in nature and a dream to apply, each paint comes in a variety of finishes. Just choose the finish you want and our in-house staff will mix your colour while you wait. 

With Tester pots available at Colour Supplies in Wrexham and Oswestry, you will find all stores, including Colour Supplies at Whitchurch, able to mix your choice of the new Dulux Heritage colours - just ask for it in the paint department.

You can also buy the luxurious Dulux Heritage paints online at great prices, and get FREE delivery on all orders over £50.

Buy Heritage paints online here

When white is not just white

The Dulux Heritage colour card shows colour families in columns and each one has a perfect matching 'white' so you can be confident your whole scheme will co-ordinate harmoniously.
Who says white is just white?

Luxury as standard

Inspired by feelings and memories of it's rich heritage, the new range from Dulux will give a sense of luxury to any of the rooms you choose to decorate.
Maybe decorating just one room will not be enough?

Go deep and dark, or go airy and light

Choose from rich deep colours to soft light hues to perfectly blend and contrast your decor scheme. Play with light and dark colours to accent areas, to make your space feel bigger or to make a feature of furniture or artwork.

Let's look at the Hall

Sometimes we just get a 'feeling' when we see certain combinations of colour. Or we have a favourite colour we want to use no matter what. These layouts below give you three different Dulux Heritage colour combinations, and placement of colour, to give the same hallway three subtly different looks. 

Next, the Sitting Room

Choosing a new colour for one of your main living areas can be daunting. But what 'feel' do you want in your lounge? Warm and cosy or light and airy? If you don't have much natural light and always tend to put your lamps on then you could try being bold and go for a deep colour for a more dramatic affect. Even change the whole feel by painting your main Heritage paint colour on the ceiling.

Drama in the Dining Room

Ok, so we've explored some more dramatic options in the lounge, now we are going to max on the drama with some bold Heritage paint choices to explore for your dining room.

Study or bedroom

This might take a leap of your imagination if you are not lucky enough to have sloping ceilings, but the following ideas can all be recreated in a standard square bedroom or home office. With more people now working from home why not make the most of that spare room and enjoy your new work-life balance with a freshly painted office at home?

Glamour in the Main Bedroom

The choice is yours when it comes to painting your main bedroom. Here you don't have to worry what colour paint everyone else in the house wants - just what you, and your partner, want. You will find some beautiful light, classic colours in the Dulux Heritage paint range, reminiscent of grand houses, that still add warmth and comfort as shown in the examples here.

Hopefully the above will have given you some inspiration for trying a project in your own home. For further room settings showing all 112 Dulux Heritage colours click here.
You may also like to take a look at the  Heritage Colour Card.pdf to make your choices before coming along to see us in one of our Home & Garden stores in Oswestry, Whitchurch or Wrexham  where we are waiting to mix your new Dulux Heritage paint for you.

Shop for Heritage Paint online

When you've finished your project and taken loads of pictures remember to tag us in or DM your projects to us on Facebook/Instagram - we would love to see your ideas and handiwork!

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