8 jobs to do indoors before Autumn

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Most of us will have spent more time outdoors or away from home than usual over the last few months and of course cleaning jobs will have been put on hold. But with autumn just around the corner, and the prospect of spending more time indoors, now is the perfect time to look at some of those maintenance jobs we normally try and put off. With the tips below, you may find these chores not as bad as you feared, and there may be some you hadn't even thought of.

1. De-ice your freezer

After heavier than average use over the summer, or doors accidentally left open after a quick foray for an ice-lolly, your freezer might be working less than efficiently at the moment. If your freezing compartments look more like the arctic than a set of wire shelves then you might like to know that HG have an amazing de-icer product especially to help get this job done quickly for you.

HG freezer de-icer removes the ice from the freezer or deepfreeze easily and super fast, barely giving your frozen food a chance to defrost. Having a de-iced freezer also has the benefit of reducing running costs by reducing your energy consumption and thereby saving you money.

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2. Renovate your hardwood garden furniture

Technically this is a garden job, but as it's furniture we've cheated and included it!

Your hardwood outdoor furniture may well be looking a little the worse for wear after the summer we've had. What better way to smarten it up ready for next year than to renovate your wooden chairs, table and benches back to new before storing for winter?

HG have a marvellous product to do this in just four simple steps.

  1. Spray the surfaces with HG weathered wood restorer
  2. Leave to work for 10 minutes
  3. Wipe up the loose dirt with a brush or sponge and plenty of water. Preferably use a garden hose or watering can and not a high-pressure cleaner
  4. Leave the garden furniture to dry fully before storing away

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3. Spot clean carpets and upholstery

Over the summer, what with occasional spillages whilst watching exciting sports on tv, and wandering in and out with choc-ices, your carpets may have taken a bit of a hit. And that quick clean-up of a spilt cola on the sofa may not have been as thorough as you had thought.

HG once again have you covered with a really easy product that will deal with spot cleaning on carpets and upholstery. 

Removing tough stains from a number of fabrics, including carpet, upholstery, car interiors and more this effective, stain spray cleaner can keep your couch or carpet spotless, without damaging the fabric. 

Additionally, the stain remover has a dirt-repellent effect to help protect against future spills and staining. Now you can enjoy your clean carpets and furniture as the weather cools down and you spend more time indoors again.

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4. Clean window frames

Whilst having your windows open during the summer you may not have noticed the dirt, dead bugs and cobwebs that will almost certainly have collected in the mechanisms and gaps between window and frame. Over time this accumulation looks unsightly, is potentially harmful to your health and may start to impinge on how effective your glazing is in keeping out draughts.

A simple tip, initially, is to use an old paint brush to reach in and brush all the dirt outside. Follow up with a damp cloth if required. 

Finally use the gentle but effective HG UPVC cleaner which will act against atmospheric contamination, nicotine and other dirt on UPVC surfaces. Perfect for all synthetic materials like doors or window frames it is gentle and does not damage the surface.

Your windows and frames will look great and keep out more of those winter draughts.

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5. Clean your barbeque AND oven with one product

When it's time to put away the BBQ for another year, you can not only deep clean your BBQ but your oven at the same time, with just one product.  Get your kitchen oven autumn-ready for cooking Sunday roasts again with this easy to use Oven, Grill and Barbeque Cleaner from HG. 

Removing stubborn grease and food stains from ovens, grills, and BBQs, the spray is quick and simple to use and also cleans your baking trays and stainless-steel hobs. 

  1. First, heat your oven, BBQ or baking tray so it is warm but not too hot
  2. Spray the surface with the product and leave it to settle for 3-5 minutes, then wipe clean with a wet sponge
  3. Once the grease has been removed, clean your oven, grill or BBQ again using hot water
  4. You may need to repeat steps 2 and 3 for stubborn stains

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6. Deep clean and home service your washing machine

Repairs to broken washing machines are costly, and the inconvenience of a breakdown is best avoided if possible. Greatly reduce the chances of a washing machine or dishwasher breakdown by using this inexpensive product to clean and service the interior. 

By using this machine cleaner you can help prevent your filters, floats, drain pipes and other inaccessible parts from malfunctioning due to deposits in the machine. Especially after the summer months, where you may have added sand and grass to the general dirt that your washing machine copes with each wash cycle.

With 2-4 applications per pack you can prevents faults and reduce the chance of a breakdown for a fraction of the cost of an engineer call-out.

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7. Descale your coffee machine, kettle and other appliances

If you have indulged over the lazy days of summer in late breakfasts, and enjoyed more than the average number of your barista coffees at home with visitors, then now might be a good time to give your coffee machine a really good de-scale. To keep running smoothly, especially if you live in a hard water area, your machines need to be de-scaled regularly. 

Build up of limescale causes malfunctioning as well as an increase in running cost because heating elements need to work harder to reach their desired temperature when covered in limescale.

Now there is a de-scaler from HG that you can use on a number of appliances around the home. Eliminate build up of limescale on kettles, coffee machines, washing machines and your dishwasher quickly and easily for peace of mind, and lower energy bills.

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8. Add some sparkle to the darker evenings

We don't want to admit it, but the nights do seem to be drawing in now and our attention is turning to our lamps and home lighting. If your glass light fittings don't seem as shiny as they once were it could be that they need a clean. As with everything around the home, even those things near the ceiling can still become dulled by the fine film of dust and atmospheric dirt that gets everywhere. 

But how do you clean such delicate objects?

It is actually quite simple with HG Chandelier Spray Cleaner. Simply put some waterproof sheeting down, followed by old cloths or a dust sheet underneath the whole area. Spray your glass lightshade with product and as it drips off it will take all the grime with it, leaving you with a sparkling finish. Can be used for glass, plastic, and crystal chandeliers and fittings. Use regularly to keep your chandelier looking its best all the time.

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HG specialise in excellent cleaning products that many of our customers come back for time after time. If you want to see the full range then please visit us in store at Colour Supplies in Wrexham, Wales, and Oswestry and Whitchurch in Shropshire, or see our online selection here.

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