6 tools, and tips, for creating your own Celebration Cakes

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Once you've perused the web or your cookbooks to choose your desired cake, and baked it, you can look forward to the creative part of decorating. This does not have to be elaborate, and sometimes the simplest of ideas can look absolutely beautiful. Whatever you choose to create it is sure to be appreciated for the time, effort and love that you have put into it.

Here are our 6 top tools, from Mason Cash, the choice of home cooks and bakers for centuries, that will help you towards getting that professional finish.

Tool #1, a Cake Decorating Turntable

A basic starter item that will help you get an even finish on your icing, evenly space your decorations and generally act as another pair of hands.

With one hand you will be able to carefully turn your creation around at the same time as smoothing butter cream icing, piping icing decorations or adding other decoration to the top.

This intricate piping around the base of the cake tiers is simpler to do with the use of a turntable.
Picture: Flowers and Pearls Cake.

Tool #2, a Spatula

Indispensable for smoothing your buttercream or royal icing - an ordinary knife will just not do such a great job.

Whether to smooth icing on the sides and top of your cake, or just to spread a cream or buttercream filling, this spatula offers a good width of blade to help you get your desired effect.

You can even use it for decorative markings such as concentric rings on the cake top, as shown here.
Picture: Rainbow Cake

Tool #3, a Drip & Drizzle Bottle

A great addition to your kitchen, whether for applying icing to cakes or just to use for sweet sauces at the table, adding chocolate sauce to ice-cream, or any other dripping and pouring activity you can think of.

Simply fill with your topping of choice (royal icing, chocolate, caramel sauce and jam are ideal) and watch as you squeeze satisfying drips down the edge of your masterpiece.

If you don't have a set of icing nozzles you could also use this for informal writing.
Picture: A Celebration in Caramel Cake

Tool #4, a Cake Board

You will want to present your creation on a smart board, platter or cake stand. There are a number of options, but sometimes the most practical is a cake board made specifically for the job.

These foil covered boards are light to carry, so not adding to the overall weight, and don't have a lip so as not to interfere with cutting the cake.

Of course, it depends on whether you already have something special to hand, but if not a cake board makes a great option and can come in a square or round design of varying sizes. Choose one larger than your cake if you want to add extra decoration, flowers or fruits around the bottom.
Picture: Elegant Simple Floral Cake

Tool #5, a Cake Lifter

Imagine getting this far with your beautiful creation and then you suddenly realise you can't get it onto your decorative cake board or platter without putting finger marks in the icing or having the layers sliding apart.
This Cake Lifter is a great gadget for getting in under the bottom of your cake and sturdy enough to lift it across to it's final resting spot.

Top Tip: Keep the distance between the two as small as possible - just in case!
Picture: Fruit Topping on a Multi-Layered Cake

Tool #6, Finishing Touches

Not specifically a tool, but there are a number of ideas for adding the finishing touches to your celebration cake.

From Cake Toppers to match the occasion, to fruit, piped flowers or real flowers, the choice is yours and may depend on where your skills lie.
Within this page you will have seen a number of ideas for ways to finish a stunning decorative cake and whether simple or highly decorated, your cake will be a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy.
Picture: Rustic Tiered Cake

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