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Confused by bike sizing? Not sure of your bike wheel or frame size requirements? Now you can find your perfect bike, available in store in Whitchurch, Oswestry or Wrexham, with this helpful guide to sizing. Also, scroll to the bottom to find out about our great Christmas Club to help spread the cost of your bike purchase for a Christmas gift.

Kids bikes

Children's bikes are defined by wheel size, and ours start at a 12” wheel and go through the sizes to a 24” wheel.

As a general rule a 2-3 year old would start on a 12” but of course a suitable bike size will depend on the height of your child. Bikes for younger children tend to be fun and more gender defined, and first bikes often come with stabilisers. For boys we have choices with robots and dinosaurs, and for little girls unicorn and enchanted are very popular. 

Knight 12" Wheel

Falcon Jade 20" Wheel

Chill Out 24" Wheel

Teens bikes

Once at the top of the wheel sizing, as we get to a 24” wheel which is often for around 9 or 10 year olds, the bikes are then defined by frame size. 

So wheels then start at 26” but bikes are bought by frame size of 14”, 16” or 18”, which are great for teens. You will still find many gender related styles for this age group.

Coyotte Elements 14", 16" Frame

Adults bikes

With frames up to 22" there is an overlap between teen and adult bikes, and some bikes are now considered more gender neutral and suitable for anyone. Our Callisto and Coyotte Elements  bikes are specifically not defined as gents or ladies with the Callisto being just as popular with men as with women. 

We also have a selection of Ebikes available and you can read more about these options in the next section.

Coyotte Callisto XFS 14", 18", 20" Frame

Falcon Turbine Ebike


Falcon Turbine Ebike
The stylish Falcon Turbine Ebike is a black electric mountain bike that would be any thrill seeker’s dream bike. The Falcon Turbine combines electrical powered assistance with the raw feel of mountain biking, creating a great piece of cycling equipment. The front suspension, large mountain bike tyres, and supportive seat work together to cushion bumps so that you can remain comfortable and in control. Take advantage of the 250W motor which allows you to travel further, opening up opportunities for you to find new trails and cycle routes. E-bikes aren’t cheating, they just provide that extra push when you need it most!

Falcon Serene Electric Bike
Perfect for individuals who like to enjoy their ride out in a more leisurely manner and take in their surroundings, we have the Falcon Serene Electric Bike with a supportive step through frame. This bike has a powerful electric motor that will help you to arrive as serenely as when you set out (traffic not withstanding!)

Forme Buxton 2 Ebike
We can also offer the Forme Buxton 2, a step through hybrid Ebike. It has a 36v battery, and can go up to 40 miles on a charge. Designed with a high-rise front for an upright riding position, it also comes with a comfortably wide saddle that suits both men and women alike.

This is just a small selection of what you will find in store*. With over 60 bike choices available - see current lists below - there is sure to be the right bike for every member of the family.
Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, pop into Colour Supplies at Whitchurch, Oswestry or Wrexham and have a chat with our staff who will help to ensure you are choosing the perfect bike. They can also help advise on the all important safety equipment you need including Cycle Helmets and Puncture Repair Kits.
Don't forget to think about Hi-Vis vests too, for popping on over your clothing to keep you safe in the dark, low light conditions and bad weather, when other road users have less visibility.

Falcon Samurai 20"Wheel

Unicorn 12" Wheel

Thunderbolt 24" Wheel

Boss Astro 22" Frame

A selection from the bikes available in store

Description Our Price

12" Boys
Knight £90.00
Striker £114.99
Cybot £114.99

12" Girls
Unicorn (Insync) £114.99
Enchanted £114.99

14" Boys
Knight  £99.99
Flash £124.99
Cybot £124.99

14" Girls
Flamingo £104.99
Sparkle £124.99
Enchanted  £124.99

16" Boys
Tricera £119.99
Striker £129.99
Cybot £129.99
Flash £129.99

16" Girls
Sparkle £129.99
Unicorn (Insync) £129.99
Enchanted £129.99

18" Boys
Knight £174.99
Flash £134.99

18" Girls
Sparkle £134.99

20" Boys
Striker £179.99
Quake Bmx £219.99
Zombie BMX (Insync) £184.99
Samurai £214.99

20" Girls
Diva £179.99
Falcon Jade £214.99
Falcon Starlight £199.99

24" Boys
Thunderbolt £219.99
Chaotic Green / Blue £214.99
DeNovo Orbiter Silver £234.99
DeNovo Nebular Blue £234.99

24" Girls
Chill Out £214.99
Chaotic Purple/ Teal £214.99

Description Our Price

Escape  £199.99
Vintage 19" Frame £324.99
City Discovery £324.99
Viking Blue Belgravia 18" Frame £299.99
Elswick Liberty  £279.99

Stealth £224.99
Boss Vision £449.00
Boss Astro £214.99
Escape 22" Frame £199.99
Escape 18" Frame £199.99
Enfold Lite £225.00
DeNovo Galactic 14" Frame £249.99
DeNovo Booster 14" Frame £249.99
Insync Zonda 20" Frame £399.99
Boss Venom Orange 20" Frame £209.99
Boss Carnage 20" Frame £299.99
Super Route Road bike £304.99

Electric Bikes
Gents Falcon Turbine 18" Frame £1,099.99
Ladies Falcon Serene 17" Frame £1,099.99
Forme Buxton 2  £949.99

Coyote Callisto XFS 20" Frame £229.99
Coyote Callisto XFS 18" Frame £229.99
Coyote Callisto XFS 14" Frame £229.99
Coyote Callisto XR 20" Frame £189.99
Coyote Callisto XR 18" Frame £189.99
Coyote Elements XR 14" Frame £224.99
Coyote Elements XR 16" Frame £224.99

*All bikes subject to availability on arrival - if you are after any bike in particular please call the store before you visit to ensure your option is available there. 

More designs are available in store.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice or warning. Wrexham and Oswestry have a larger selection than our Whitchurch store.

Heard about our Christmas Club?

Reserve any bike(s) and we will build them for you (if you'd like us to) and keep them stored safely until 23/12.
Deposit is £20 per bike and all bikes must be paid for by the 15/12. Payments can be made weekly. This is available on any bike (including Ebikes, children's, teens and adults) and bikes can be released any time after the balance is paid.

Ask in any of our stores. Bike availability varies between stores. See more on our Bikes blog page

Make their Christmas dreams come true with a new bike from Colour Supplies... 

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