Take advantage of our finance options to spread the cost of larger purchases ....Read more.

Take advantage of our finance options to spread the cost of larger purchases ....Read more.

Take advantage of our finance options to spread the cost of larger purchases ....Read more.

Off to University or College this Autumn?

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It's an exciting time when you are just off to University or College but there is so much to think about. Find everything you need at Colour Supplies to get started on your exciting journey into student life away from home.

Just to give you an idea of what you may need to take with you we have put together this list of things you will find in store or online to help you in the run up to your swiftly approaching departure to your new home-from-home. Any suggestions that are also available to buy online will be linked straight to a selected product for easily adding to your basket, should you wish to browse our website selection.

For the Kitchen

Whilst not everyone will need everything for the kitchen you may be surprised what could come in useful from our great selection of products.

Consider: Pans and Pan set, Kitchen Utensils, Toaster, Microwave, Cookware such as a Microwave Bacon Rack, Slow Cooker, Sandwich Toaster, Casserole pot, Food steamer, and even Kitchen towel.


Did you know that as well as lovely sets of Viners cutlery, we also sell individual knives, spoons, forks and teaspoons in store?
You can also buy individual mugs and even crockery if you don't want a full set.
And don't forget you may want some simple glasses for drinking out of - we have an amazing selection of special glasses in store but also a great range of basics.

Try us for: Individual cutlery, Mugs, Crockery and Glassware, Water bottle/flask.

Kitchen and Cleaning Sundries

I know - 'cleaning' and 'student' in the same article!!!  But, there will come a time when certain things are just going to be useful and need consideration.

Such as: Bin bags, Vacuum cleaner, Spot cleaner/stain remover, Laundry basket, Clothes airer, Shoe rack/organiser, Storage boxes, T-towels and Oven gloves, Waste paper bin, Ironing board, Washing up bowl.


Time is usually limited, and probably so is space, so you may want to consider carefully what you will actually need to help you make the most of your available space, especially if you are sharing. One of our top-tips is Over door hooks - you will always need extra hooks, whether in the bathroom or your bedroom.

Plus choose from: Free standing mirror, Bin, Soap dispenser, Tumbler, Toilet Brush & holder, Shower caddy. We even have loo rolls.

Work wear and Safety footwear

If you are heading off to do a practical course and need work wear you will find a great selection at all Colour Supplies stores, with some great budget options. You will find unBREAKable, DeWalt, Apache, Portwest, Rodo and Sterling all available in store. 

View our online selection of Protective Clothing and Safety Equipment, and you may want to check out our: Hi-vis, Wellies, Coveralls.


This is where you really want to feel at home, in your own private space. Surround yourself with comfort and those little reminders of the family and friends you have temporarily left behind. 

Think about: Pillows, Duvet and Duvet Cover, Bed throw, Storage, Photo frame (like this fantastic light up peg version, above, available in store, just £3.99), and remember the all important Stationery - pens, notebooks etc.

Please note that our online selection is limited compared to the range of products you will find in store. We are just offering up some choices that are available online for those who may wish to purchase this way.

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