Hot tub maintenance explained

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Just picture the end of a long hard day at work... get home eager to spend some relaxing time with your significant other(s)...

... you rush eagerly upstairs and rip your clothes off, ready to put on your cozzy...

... you go and grab a cold glass of wine or beer...

... with anticipation mounting you run outside to pull back the cover on your hot tub, prewarmed thanks to its programmable timer...

But ugh - the water is looking less than inviting...

With the following easy steps to maintaining a safe and healthy bathing environment in your hot tub/jacuzzi, hopefully you'll not have to face the scenario above.

Why a Spa starter kit is a good idea

Choosing a starter kit, like this ClearWater Spa Starter Kit is a great idea and gives you an immediate supply to start with when you first purchase your Hot tub. With the following items you will be able to immeditely achieve healthy water in your tub for safe bathing.

  • Chlorine Granules for disinfection and shock dosing
  • pH Plus & pH Minus to decrease or increase pH levels
  • Foam Remover to control and prevent foaming
  • Dip Test Strips to test the water

What do we use Chlorine Granules for?

Chlorine is essential for any hot tub/spa/jacuzzi maintenance schedule because it is a very efficient sanitiser. The warmth of the water offers the ideal conditions for bacterial growth.

Chlorine granules will kill off the bacteria that can build up in your pool water creating an unsanitary environment and giving you that unpleasant green scummy look in your pool - see picture above.

Why use Multi Function Chlorine Tablets?

Multi function tablets contain chlorine, which kills the bacteria and other organisms by disinfecting water, and they also have an algaecide that prevents the growth of algae. 

These tablets also contain a water clarifier which works by binding smaller particles together, such as dead skin and algae. These can be too small to be trapped by the filter system but the clarifier contains flocculants, which will bind these small particles together. In turn they can then be trapped by the filter, ensuring you get clean and sparkly water.

What are Dip Test Strips?

Quickly get an easy-to-read analysis of the chemical levels in your jacuzzi hot tub water for safer bathing. 

You can test chlorine levels, the water's pH and Total Alkalinity levels all in one go each time you use a dip test strip. A Ph level between 7.2 and 7.8 should be maintained in your hot tub. A reading of 7.2 or below indicates that your water is too acidic, which can cause itchiness and eye burn, and your sanitiser to be less effective.

At Colour Supplies stores you can find everything you need to safely enjoy a hot tub experience at home, every day of the year.
With Hot Tub prices starting from just £239.00 for the Lay-Z-Spa Miami Airjet Hot Tub, that works out at just over 65p per day* over one year. With just maintenance and heating to consider, that is still a very affordable luxury. 

However, consider the benefits if you have health conditions that are alleviated by warm water, and this could also be the best therapy option for you too. Consider using a hot tub to help naturally alleviate Joint pain from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Poor circulation, Multiple Sclerosis, and even Insomnia.

Shop for Hot Tubs and maintenance products here

More products are also available at Colour Supplies in Wrexham, Wales, and Oswestry and Whitchurch in Shropshire. 
Hot Tub maintenance products are available to purchase online, and Hot Tubs can be bought online if you live within a certain radius of our stores.

*Promotional price, correct at date of writing.

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