Be a Star baker!

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Have you been inspired to get in the kitchen and bake?
Here are our five key items, as well as many other useful things you'll need, to get started on your journey to becoming a star baker.

Mixing Bowl

All great bakes begin in the humble mixing bowl. Whether you’re creating a spectacular three-tier cake or a simple loaf of bread, you won’t make much progress without a trusty mixing bowl. 

You can take a look at our special online range of Mason Cash mixing bowls HERE. Different items will be available if you visit any of our stores.

Weighing Scales

All seasoned bakers will tell you that the devil is in the detail when following a recipe. Guessing weights and creating an imbalance in measuring ingredients can cause plenty of trouble, and none of us want a disappointing rise or a soggy bottom as the end result. 

The only way to follow recipes correctly is to have some quality weighing scales to prepare your ingredients. From our traditional Typhoon Living Grey Scales to our Masterclass Duo Electronic Kitchen Scales, and sets of measuring cups, we’ve got you covered HERE. More items are available if you visit any of our stores.

Cake Tins & Baking Trays

Once you’ve got your mixture prepared, the baking must begin. However, you’re not going to get very far without the correct baking tin or tray. Whether you’re planning a real showstopper of a cake, or perhaps just a few muffins, you’re going to need the right tray or tin to fit your needs. 

We have a sizable selection of cake tins and baking trays of all shapes and sizes available - click HERE. More items are available if you visit any of our stores.

Cooling tray

A classic mistake of any novice baker is to immediately begin decorating their bakes after removing them from the oven. This can so often ruin all your hard work, with the remaining heat in the bake melting your desired decoration and bringing about a disappointing end product. 

The best way to counter this is to have a cooling tray at the ready. This provides the perfect platform for you to remove the bake from its tin, enable it to lower in temperature and avoid any late mistakes. Grab one for yourself by clicking HERE. More items may be available if you visit any of our stores.
(Psst - try using a spare oven rack as an extra cooling tray if you need to!)

Icing Set

Whether you’re 8 or 80, arguably the most exciting and satisfying element to a creative bake is adding the final decoration. Icing can bring any average looking cake to life; by adding a splash of colour, flair and sweetness to the final product. 

Regardless of whether you intend on adding a simple swirl, a birthday message or something more intricate, the one toolkit you need to apply great icing is a piping tool and set of styled nozzles. And remember, practice makes perfect, so start your icing journey now. We stock a great set HERE. More items may be available if you visit any of our stores.

You'll find that Colour Supplies in Wrexham, Oswestry and Whitchurch, stocks many other useful items to have whilst baking. Try us for your balloon whisk, baking beans, hand mixer, tartlet tins, biscuit cutters, alphabet cutters, trivet, sieves,  spatulas, oven gloves, storage tins, and don't forget to keep yourself clean with one of our brightly coloured aprons with matching tea towels to clean up afterwards. To view all online baking products click HERE.
You may also want other storage - we have that covered too, just click HERE.

Images in this blog are representative of items available to purchase.

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