Paint your outside metalwork, quickly and easily

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With summer upon us, we are hoping for nice long warm days with clear skies so we can do some of those outside jobs we can't get done in winter. 

One job that you may find daunting is painting outside metalwork. Do you have railing envy when you see your neighbour's lovely smart railings and gate? Well, you may find painting your metal railings easier than you think with our specialist products.

Perhaps you want to perk up a Pergola? Or is your garage door looking rather tired and spoiling the look of the front of your house?

In our Home & Garden stores in Oswestry, Whitchurch and Wrexham, as well as online,  you will find a great range of paint and accessories to make painting your outside metalwork easy. 
And don't think you are only limited to black - there is now a rainbow array of colour in paint and spray paint that can be used to brighten, enhance and smarten up your exterior metal surfaces!

Rust-Oleum Combicolor

Offering a primer and topcoat in one for interior and exterior use, Rust-Oleum CombiColor Original is solvent-based and can be used on bare metal, manually de-rusted metal, surfaces primed with Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion, or previously painted surfaces. 

A great paint for metal, this means that if your metalwork is just a bit flaky, or you have small patches of flaky rust you can simply give those parts a rub down with a wire brush or wire wool and you are good to start painting .

The majority of the Rust-Oleum Combicolor paints come in a Gloss finish, with extra finishes available in Black and White.

Plus, you can have an aerosol spray which can make application even easier, especially on fiddly bits like squirly ornate curls on metal gates!

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A household name, Hammerite is a durable, corrosion resistant, solvent-based decorative coating for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, certain plastics and wood. Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint is ideal to renovate your metal Garden furniture, metal Gates and metal Railings and comes in a choice of finishes - Smooth and Hammered. 

The Hammered finish is great for items that are already pitted with old rust, and great for renovating children's metal swing frames too.

For a quick and easy change of colour for metal in good condition, like a bistro table set, simple use an aerosol spray paint for an instant transformation.

  • Remove all loose rust and flaking paint from the metal using a wire brush.
  • If the metal was already painted, wash down thoroughly with diluted detergent, rinse with clean water and allow to dry.
  • To ensure compatibility, apply a small test patch of Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint to the painted surface. Any reaction will occur within an hour. If a reaction is evident, remove all paint then wash down with degreaser. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.
  • Cover the surface beneath your work area with thick newspaper or a dust sheet to catch any spills or drips.
  • Stir the paint thoroughly before use, and apply with a good quality brush. A narrow brush is best for use on railings. A broad is best for use on bigger metal object, like a garden table.
  • Apply two thin coats of Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint for the best results, leaving to dry in between as per instructions on the tin.

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Hammerite Garage Door

Hammerite Garage Door Paint is specially formulated for use directly onto galvanised metal doors, providing a beautiful solvent-based, gloss finish that’s highly resistant to flaking and discoloration.
It is easy to apply to vertical surfaces and sag resistant, meaning your finished door should look drip free.

  • Prepare the garage door by rubbing down with either coarse sandpaper or a wire brush.
  • Wash the door with water and a diluted detergent. This will remove any dust, grease or dirt which may prevent the paint from sticking to the surface. Ensure the door is completely dry again before painting.
  • When painting outside, try to ensure the temperature is between 8 and 25°C for optimum paint performance.
  • Before you paint your garage doors, ensure that the ground and surrounding area are protected with a dust sheet or newspaper to catch any spills or drips.
  • Begin by opening the garage door and painting the edges which are not visible when it is shut. Once the edges are dry, close the door and begin painting at the top of the door. A step ladder may be required for this. Work your way down in stages until the whole door is painted.
  • Always apply one thin coat to begin with, followed by a second one if necessary. Leave to dry for the time specified on the back of the tin before adding your second coat.

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Bedec MSP

The iconic and original multi surface, interior/exterior self-priming and self-undercoating paint. 

Bedec Multi Surface Paint can be used directly onto plastic, wood, metal (including radiators), plastic coated steel, cladding, brick, masonry, fibreglass, terracotta, stone, plaster, MDF, tiles, melamine, plastics, UPVC, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper..... and much, much more. And it can be used inside as well as for your outside metalwork.

Available in amazing colours it will go over most other paints, is water-based and resists flaking or peeling. Although no primer or undercoat is required, your current surface will need to be rust free

  • Remove all loose and defective paint before you start painting.
  • Algal, mould and fungal growths should be removed and treated with a fungicidal wash. Smooth glossy surfaces should be lightly abraded to provide a key.

Available in a choice of finishes. 

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Don't forget your paint brushes and rollers too. More products are available in store

All items subject to availability. Always read the safety information before using these products and ensure they are suitable for your project.

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