The big Neff Cashback Promotion for Autumn 2023

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If you are thinking of having a new kitchen then now may be an excellent time to get it booked in. With extra money off when you purchase qualifying items, you can make your money go that bit further when you have your dream kitchen designed and supplied through Colour Supplies. With over 25 years’ experience planning fitted kitchens to suit all budgets, let us help plan out your new kitchen for you in just three easy steps. Read more in this informative blog.

If you are keen to get started you can book a FREE home visit with one of our experienced designers.

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Cashback on NEFF kitchen appliances

You can earn up to £1000 cashback on NEFF appliances purchased between 01.08.2023 and 30.11.2023 as part of a new kitchen (minimum of 5 cabinets).

  • £200 cashback will be offered with a purchase of 3 qualifying NEFF kitchen appliances including an oven
  • £350 cashback will be offered with a purchase of 4 qualifying NEFF kitchen appliances including an oven
  • £500 cashback will be offered with a purchase of 5 qualifying NEFF kitchen appliances including an oven
  • £700 cashback will be offered with a purchase of 6 qualifying NEFF kitchen appliances including an oven
  • £1000 cashback will be offered with a purchase of 7 qualifying NEFF kitchen appliances including an oven

Plus, get an additional £500 cashback if a NEFF Venting Hob or GlassDraft Hood is purchased as part of this promotion.

Terms & conditions apply. Offer available between 1/8/2023 and 30/11/2023

Qualifying appliances

Here is a full list of all the NEFF qualifying kitchen appliances  - remember one item must be an oven. Just ask our friendly in-store designer to ensure you are choosing qualifying items.

Category Model
Ovens B64VT73G0B, B64CT73G0B, B64VS71G0B, B57VS22N0, B64CS71G0B, B57CS22N0, B54CR71G0B, B54CR71N0B, B6ACH7HG0B, B5ACH7AG0, B6ACH7HH0B, B64FT53G0B, B64FS31G0B, B64CS51G0B, B47VR32N0B, B54CR31G0B, B54CR 31N0B, B4ACF1AN0B, B3AVH4HG0B, B3AVH4HH0B, B3ACE4HG0B, B3ACE4HN0B, B24CR71G0B, B2ACH7HH0B, B24CR31G0B, B1ACE4HN0B, U2ACM7HG0B, U2ACM7HH0B, U1ACI5HN0B, U1ACE5HN0B, U1ACE2HG0B, U1ACE2HN0B, J1ACE4HN0B, J1ACE2HN0B, C24FT53G0B, C24FS31G0B, C24MT73G0B, C24MS71G0B, C24MS31G0B, C24MR21G0B, C24MR21N0B, C1AMG84G0B, C1AMG84N0B, C24GR3XG1B, NL4GR31G1B, NR4GR31G1B, NL4WR21G1B, NR4WR21G1B, HLAGD53N0B, HLAWD53N0B, HLAWD23G0B, HLAWD23N0B, HLAWG25S3B, B69VY7MY0, B69CY7MY0, B69VS7MY0A, B69CS7MY0B, B57CS22G1, C29FY5CX0, C29FS3AY0, C29MY7MY0, C29MS7KY0, C17MS22G1, C29MR21Y0B, NR9WR21Y1B, NL9WR21Y1B

Coffee Machines CL4TT11G0, CL9TX11X0

Hobs T58FD20X0, T56FD50X0, T59TF6RN0, T68TF6RN0, T69FUV4L0, T68FUV4L0, T59TS61N0, T59TS5RN0, T68TS6RN0, T66TS6RN0, T50FS41X0, T59FT50X0, T58FT20X0, T56FT60X0, T48PD23X2, T46PD53X2, T48FD23X2, T46FD53X2, T36FBE1L0G, T36CA50X1U, TL18HD9F1, TL16EB1N1, T29TA79N0, T29TS79N0, T27TA69N0, T26TA49N0, T27CA59S0, T27CS59S0, T26CA42S0, T26CS49S0, T29DA69N0, T27DA69N0, T26DA59N0, T29DS69N0, T27DS79N0, T27DS59N0, T27DS59S0, T26DS59N0, T26DS49N0, T26DS49S0, T27BB59N0, T26BB59N0, T26CB49S0, T26BR46N0, T26BR46S0, T26BR46W0, N74TD00N0, T63TDX1L0, N23TA19N0, N23TS19N0, N23TA29N0, N23TS29N0, T13TDF9L8, T69YYX4C0, T69YYV4C0, T68YYY4C0, T66YYY4C0

Hoods I97CPS8W5B, I25CBS8W0B, I95CBS8W0B, I14RBQ8W0, I94CAQ6N0B, I95CAQ6N0B, I95CAQ6W0B, I95CAP6N1B, I96BMV5N5B, I95GBE2N0B, I96BMP5N0B, D96IKW1S0B, D95IHM1S2B, D65IHM1S2B, D95IHM1S0B, D65IHM1S0B, D85IEE1S0B, D65IEE1S0B, D95FRM1S0B, D96BMV5N5B, D95BMP5N0B, D65BMP5N0B, D94BHM1N0B, D64BHM1N0B, D92BBC0N0B, D62BBC0N0B, D94AFM1N0B, D64AFM1N0B, D94ABC0N0B, D64ABC0N0B, D94GBC0N0B,D64GBC0N0B, D94QFM1N0B, D64QFM1N0B, D92QBC0N0B, D62QBC0N0B, D92PBC0N0B, D72PBC0N0B, D62PBC0N0B, D95XAM2S0B, D65XAM2S0B, D49PU54X1B, D49ML54N1B, D46ML54N1B, D49ED22N1B, D46ED22N1B, D46BR22N1B, D57ML67N1B, D57MH56N0B, D55MH56N0B, D5855X1GB, D5655X1GB, D51NAA1C0B, D64MAC1X0B, D61MAC1X0B, D96IMW1G1

Cooling KU9202HF0G, KU9213HG0G, KA3923IE0G, KI8865DE0, KI7863DF0G, KI7867FE0, KI7862FE0G, KI7862SE0G, KI7861FF0G, KI7861SF0G, KI7851FF0G, KI7851SF0G, KI6873FE0G, KI6863FE0G, KI5872FE0G, KI5872SE0G, KI5862SE0G, KI5871SF0G, KI8815OD0, KI8816DE1, KI2823FF0G, KI1813FE0G, KI2822SF0G, KI1812SF0G, GI7815NE0, GI7815CE0G, GI7813EF0G, KI1513FF0, KI1413FD0, KI2422FE0, KI1412FE0G, KI1411SE0, GI7416CE0, KI1311SE0, KI1212FE0G, KI1211SE0G, GI1216DE0, GI1212SE0G, GI1113FE0, K4336XFF0G, K4316XFF0G, GU7212FE0G, G4344XFF0G

Dishwashers S145ITS04G, S189YCX02E, S187TC800E, S187ZCX43G, S187ECX23G, S295HCX26G, S195HCX26G, S155HCX27G, S155HAX27G, S155HVX15G, S153HCX02G, S153HAX02G, S153ITX05G, S875HKX20G, S199YB801E, S299YB801E

Laundry W544BX2GB, W544BX2GB, W543BX2GB, V6540X3GB, V6540X2GB, V6320X2GB, W244GG09GB, VNA341U8GB

Venting Hobs T58TL6EN2, T48TD7BN2, T47TD7BN2, T48CB1AX2, T46CB4AX2

Glass Draft Hoods I98WMM1S1B, WMM1Y7B, I88WMM1Y7B

Claims are to be made directly with NEFF, not through Colour Supplies, and all information on how to claim can be found here

Colour Supplies have Home & Garden stores in Wrexham, Wales, and Oswestry and Whitchurch in Shropshire.

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